March 28, 2010

Microwave Mango Ricotta Kalakand - Back to blogging


Seven months! That is how long I have stayed away from blogging. In retrospect I should have at least posted about the break, but really I did not intend to stay away for so long from what I love to do. Cook and blog.
Speaking of cooking, that has taken a backseat as well, for here comes my priority, all packed into one tiny bundle of joy... my baby girl who was born last year, just around the time I started the break. During this time, there are a few things I have learnt to appreciate much much more. One of them being the time I oh-so-easily spent cooking or baking at the kitchen perfecting every single dish. Now, things are not so elaborate. It almost seems like I would be a good host for semi-homemade cooking!
Well, that is not a bad thing right? Shortcuts. We all need them at some point or the other. And reserve from-the-scratch dishes for leisurely weekends and holidays.
I may not have time to post as frequently as I did before, but I am surely willing to try and keep some good recipes coming.

Kalakand, I have seriously no idea how it is made originally, but here is my take on a quick version of it. That lovely yellow color comes from adding mango pulp. Speaking of mango pulp, I used a canned product. But if you are lucky enough to get some juicy ripe mangoes and if you are able to make a pulp out of them... I SO ENVY YOU!

Before I start on the recipe, thanks thanks thanks to all those who missed me and sent me those lovely emails. It meant a lot to me! And yes, most of you guessed it right :) I have been spending a lot of time making baby food!


Microwave Mango Ricotta Kalakand


Part skim ricotta cheese - 1 1/2 cup
Mango pulp - 2 cups
Butter - 1 tbsp
Fat free milk powder/Khova powder - 3 cups
Sugar - 2 tbsp (add more if needed, the mango pulp has plenty of sugar already)
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron and Slivered almonds - To garnish
Yellow food color - If needed (for a brighter yellow color)


Very simple - Combine all the ingredients (except the garnish & food coloring) and microwave for 4-5minutes for about 6-8 times stirring in between. It might take longer.
Stop when the mixture has a thick curd-like texture and when you can form a small ball between your fingers.
Pour onto a greased plate, garnish, let it cool and then cut into desired shapes.

You could use a fun cookie cutter and cut out cute shapes for your little one or your neighbor's little one. Mom eats the scraps! End of story.




  1. Oh my God! This tastes awesome, only reading the procedure made my mouth watery!.. ans yes you are thinking like a mother now..
    I mean "cut out cute shapes for your little one or your neighbor's little one. Mom eats the scraps! End of story.".. hahahahaha .. So mommy like :P

  2. Wow such a mouth watering picture, so inviting. Welcome bak to bloggin dear:)

  3. Welcome back to blogging world! :))
    First let me have a kalakand piece for good news!!! :) Kalakand looks so good and tempted to try it now! Will definitely try it soon. Hope your little angel doing good.

    Bear hugs,
    Sonia (Sonu) i hope you remember me. ;)

  4. Sonu - Why am I not getting linked to your blog??? And yes, I do remember you! :)

  5. Hi Anu, nice to see you back..was pleasantly surprised to see your comment :) so how's the little one doing :) good news dear, take care. Love the healthy kalakhand version...will try it soon.

  6. my website link is:
    Now I've my own domain since Jan and moved my old blog to there. Hope this helps. :)

  7. Ummmma to little princess :)Congrats :) Do u have time to sleep? hhee kidding...
    Welcome 2 blogging :) U re with a bang recipe! Another one to try for sure! Take care buddy!

  8. Hy Anu,

    Looks very colorful n delicious...First time here...healthy collections you have..I'll be around...thnx for vising 'Tasty Appetite' and lovely comment.

  9. Welcome back and congrats on the new arrival! So sleepless nights ah?! I've almost come half way thru tat stage :) Kalakand looks yum, with mango its a double treat!!

    Abt he black channa, its a bit small but a lil hard to chew than white ones...tastes differnet also!

  10. Hey welcome back! And lovely news too ! Good news to celebrate with yummy kalakand...

  11. Glad to see you back Divya, Congrats and wishes to your little princess!
    Love any dessert with Mangoes. Looks very very delicious.
    I am doing great, Thank you for asking. Hope to see more delicious treats from you. Take care.

  12. Congrats on the good new divya.. Perfect treat for us too. kalakand looks gorgeous with lovely clicks. Take care.. Have wonderful time!!!!

  13. Congrats to the Mommy and Daddy!! So the wonderful news and the break excused. What a joy and I am really happy for you. I still remember the conversation! :-)


  14. glad to cee u back ,,,will be really glad if u send this over,..and ya congratulations,..:-)

  15. Hugs and Kisses to the Lil One.Do share her name with us the next time you post.I have been through the stages and well welcome to mom's club.Take care of yourself as well.Kudos to you on posting this and that too an excellent one.Never tried kalakand the yellow is very inviting and gives a festive look.TAKE CARE.

  16. Congratulations Anu! What fabulous news! Having the new baby IS a full time and I think you did the right thing with taking the break!

    Congratulations mom Anu!

  17. These look perfectly soft and delicious! Got to try them.

  18. Congrats dear....welcome back .....warm hugs to ur cute angel....delicious the colour

  19. vaa ma minnal...
    simply lovely to see you back... and yes... we shall meet soon... if only we can manage to attend each other's calls :)

  20. Welcome back Divya. Hope your lil' one is doing good! This looks so inviting :)

  21. Kalakand looks yummy and delicious!New here .Do drop by when time permits

  22. You have a lovely space here. Welcome back. the Kalakand looks very pleasing and the color is fantastic.

  23. first time on your have some lovely recipes here...Enjoy your little one!!!

    Will be back soon to check out other recipes...

  24. Congratulations !! And welcome back to the blogging world...this kalakhand looks lovely ...

  25. they looks so perfect and delicious...and welcome back...

  26. wooow,,kalakand looks superb n perfect,,,droooling me with ur superb pics

  27. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! My 2nd born is 7.5 months old too so I know exactly how time flies each day... :)
    GOod to see you back. That kalakand looks great and what a great idea to add some mango.. i made some without mango recently.

  28. So good to see you back Anu!! Hope your baby girl is keeping you busy..:):)

    Love the pics as usual..the stacked ones look almost like Blondies:):).Mango season is just starting here and I might just make it with fresh...:):)

  29. Wow! they look yummy..awesome click:-) thanks for your comment on my to hear from you often..

  30. Congrats Mom! Hope you are having a cuddly good time with little bundle of joy :D
    I know of plain kalakand with ricotta,adding mango makes it so much more exciting.Great recipe for a comeback :D

  31. Congrats on ur little princess....Lot of us had boys last year :)
    Good to see you and Kalakand rocks :)

  32. Congratulations!
    You did come back with an awesome dish.

  33. I am drooling over that picture of stacked up kalakand. Welcome back dear :)

  34. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Seu cantinho é lindo, nutritivo e de bom gosto.
    Muita paz, saúde e sucesso!...

    F E L I Z P Á S C O A!!!

           ( ),,( )

    Com carinho, para você e sua família...

    Itabira - Brasil

  35. hey anu, congrats! i had my baby girl born last may and when you went absconding kind of assumed you'd gone to welcome the stork too ;-)what have you named her?

    good ricotta is something i dont find here, can i use home made paneer instead? the recipe sounds really easy and good! welcome back!

  36. Such a wonderful dessert, looks mouthwatering, very innovative sweet.

  37. Welcome back and congratulations on your bundle of joy !

    Kalakand looks fantastic !

  38. Congrats on the baby,hope u are enjoying your time with her.Lovely kalakand.

  39. Congratulations Divya!!! It's good to see you back...I'd been wondering all along about your absence.


  40. Divya, just read the news..Congrats!...must be so hectic..beautiful pictures..

  41. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter =) And I have to say, I'm glad to see you back. I haven't blogged in a year, but I'm still popping in and out to see what my favorite bloggers are up to!

    This recipe looks delicious! As a mother myself, I have to say that semi-homemade and less elaborate dishes are just perfect for me and a natural consequence of wonderful motherhood. =D

  42. hey! Welcome back! I see all the yummy recipes you have created! Congrats once again! Are you managing by yourself and hubby or do you have additional help from mom or MIL?!

    Anyways, nice to have you back again!

  43. hi anu... i just returned from a trip to India and tried Kalakand for the FIRST TIME. I LOVED IT. it was delicious... i tried the one at Haldiram's, it was white in color.
    This looks delicious.
    I was worried you wouldn't return.. i really love your stuff... and you try and make it low fat.

    I'm a health freak too :-)

    take care.

  44. AnonymousJune 01, 2010


  45. You are one after my own heart, I am on the quest for low fat low sugar yet enjoyable food for my family! Just came across your blog and I wish to try all the recipes! Congratulations on your baby... - Vandana

  46. I am Joyce in Montreal, Canada.
    I would like to know where I can get Khova powder. Is it the same as custard powder or does it have an extra flavoring in it? Thank you so much.

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  48. Looks so yummy!!!


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