June 30, 2010

Beetroot Chocolate Cake with Rose scented Apricot Glaze


I enjoy watching people cook, there is something more intriguing about actually seeing someone cook either in person or on television, than actually reading a cookbook. The only kind of books I have or read are novels (plenty of them.)
I do not own a cookbook, and I have an attention span of probably five minutes when I scan through one. I probably stop to ogle at those luscious pictures (especially desserts)
You can imagine what goes through my mind when some well intentioned friend tells me that I should write a cookbook! The irony of it. A person who does not own a cookbook, actually writing one!

This recipe is not from a cookbook, neither is it from a cooking show. This dish was born on a lazy Saturday afternoon. No fancy story to it, we were craving for some dessert after a nice lunch, decided to make something, anything with beets in it. Threw a bunch of stuff that I thought would meld together nicely and lo and behold my beetroot chocolate cake was born.

It has some sugar and butter use in relatively minimal quantities, but there is also whole wheat, beetroot, applesauce, and oats to make it into something that you can enjoy and yet not feel super guilty about it.
The glaze just rounded up everything beautifully. The Oat crust is completely optional. You could make the cake without it as well.
Verdict: It tasted just perfect. There is nothing I would ever change considering the whole cake lasted only that weekend. It was gone, far away to our very happy tummies.


Oats crusted Beetroot Chocolate Cake with Rose scented Apricot Glaze


For the Oat crust:

Old fashioned oats - 1 cup
Light brown sugar - 4 tbsp
Milk powder - 1/2 cup
Melted butter - 3 tbsp

For the Beetroot Chocolate cake:

Whole wheat pastry flour - 3/4 cup
Finely grated raw beetroot - 3/4 cup
Original applesauce - 4 oz.
Room temperature butter - 5 tbsp
Light brown sugar - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 1/2 tbsp
Large eggs - 3
Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

For the Glaze:

Apricot preserves - 4 tbsp
Rose essence - 3 drops


Combine all the ingredients for the oat crust and press it down onto a single even layer on a 8" greased springform cake pan.

Sift together flour, cocoa, and baking powder and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, cream together butter and brown sugar using a hand mixer.

Add the eggs and continue mixing for another 3-4 minutes until the eggs turn pale yellow in color.

Then add the applesauce, vanilla and beetroot and continue mixing. It will get a little messy, so do remember to keep the mixer on low speed.

Then add the sifted ingredients slowly into the wet batter.

Pour the batter into the cake pan already layered with the oats.

Bake at 375F till a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the middle. Probably after 25 min.


Allow the cake to cool completely before adding the glaze.

For the glaze, mix the apricot glaze and the rose essence and spoon just before serving.




  1. this is really a delicious cake ..very healthy one too.addition of the beetroot makes it really yummy..nice presentation

  2. Absolutely yummy and healthy cake..looks too gud!

  3. Cake looks absolutely delicious, healthy version, and nice presentation

  4. luv the color of the cake...yummy...Ur recipe seems to be simple and healthy too

  5. ahhhhhh..cake with beetroot and choclate...looks heavenly...soft n moist yum cake

  6. Cake with beetroot sounds interesting!!

  7. That apricot glaze beautify your cake! A healthy cake recipe, Anu. :) How's your li'l one doing? Hope you are well and enjoying your time with her.

  8. This is a good low fat cake

  9. Divya I was so amazed to read that you do not own a single cookbook, you are definitely the first person in my circle of friends that does not own one I am sure :-) Loved the cake, I am intrigued by the idea of adding beets to cake...

  10. wow wow ,the cake looks super soft and spongy!..hope your lil is doing good..

  11. Looks amazing! I am so happy that even after a baby, you have the patience and the enthusiasm to continue with your creative ventures in the kitchen! Hope your baby is thriving eating your culinary delights!! :)

  12. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    pictures are an absolute delight..cant take my eyes off..and I have always wanted to try out somthing different with beets..this seems like THE option

  13. Woww wat a gorgeous cake, very catchy and irresistible apricot glaze, looks fantastic..

  14. Anu, the cake looks very delicious..the picture is so cute

  15. nice combination of flavors...i wanna piece.

  16. i wanna piece...nice combo of flavors.

  17. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    Hey Anudivya,

    First time on your site..Picked up your id from a comment you had posted on my blogpage. Lovely clicks Anu...Do you have a D-SLR? Loved your beetrook cake recipe...Am thinking that I should make it eggless???


  18. @Shobha: DSLR? I wish! Mine is a good old digital camera that has taken quite a few beatings over the years! Eggless? Go for it, but do consider a egg replacement of sorts... or else it might turn out too dense with the vegetable and all that.

    @Usha: I know! Weird right? At least you could remember me as the girl who never owned a cookbook! ;)

    @Sonu: She is doing great. Thanks for asking!

    @Roshni: As a matter of fact, I did feed her a small nibble of the cake, she seemed to liked it. I wish she would eat better otherwise (I am sure every mother is saying the same thing out there)

  19. Your cake looks delicious and I must try it! That would make anyone happy!

  20. Yummy and scrumptious recipe. Must be delicious. Lovely click.

  21. WOW! Cake looks delicious!

  22. Glad that I landed here, great recipes and healthy too! Following you to keep in touch, take care.

  23. very nice...but how do u think it will turn out with normal whole wheat flour?

  24. yummy.. luks delicious,, very tempting clicks
    first time here .. u have a lovely space and good collection of recipes.. happy to follow u ...if u find time do visit my blog

  25. Most of my cook books are borrowed from library, usually flip through them for inspiration.The cake is perfect treat after a meal,the oat crust is a wonderful idea,the scented glaze sounds divine :D

  26. This cake looks delectable. The apricot glaze adds a really nice touch!

  27. Wow that looks divine!!

  28. Yummy and looks Healthy too !!

  29. Interesting, never had beetroot in bakes, I only juiced or cook in soup. Have bookmarked this recipe.

  30. Love the innovative use of beetroot! I'm expecting to harvest a bunch from the garden soon so look forward to trying out some different recipes with them.

    Will let you know how it goes.



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