October 4, 2007

Indian lentils and spice names in English-Hindi-Tamil

English Name Hindi Name Tamil Name

Beaten Rice


Bengal gram Channa Konda kadalai
Split/Whole Black gram Urad dal / kaali dal Uluntham paruppu
Broken/Cracked Wheat Dalia Samba kodumai
Chickpeas (brown) Kala Channa Karuppu kadalai
Chickpeas (white) Kabuli Channa Vellai kadalai
Gram flour Besan / Chane ka atta Kadalai maavu
Green gram Moong dal Payatham payiru
Whole green gram Sabut moong Pasi payaru
Puffed Rice Kurmura Pori
Red Kidney Beans Rajma Rajma
Red Lentil Masoor dhal Mysore paruppu
Refined flour Maida Maida maavu
Rice Chawal Arisi
Sago Sabudana Jawarisi
Semolina Rava / Suji Ravai
Split Bengal gram Chana dal Kadalai paruppu
Split gram/Yellow lentil/Toor dhal Tuvar dal / Arhar dal Thuvaram paruppu
Wheat Gehun Kodhumai
Wheat flour Gehun ka atta Kodhumai maavu
Roasted gram Buna channa Pottu kadalai
Dry ginger Sont Sukku
Ginger Adrak / Sonth Inji
Sesame seeds Thil Ellu
Gingelly oil Thil ka thel Nallenai
Carom Seeds / Thyme Ajwain Omam
Dried Mango Powder Amchoor Mangai podi
Grapes Angoor Dhrakshai
Almond Badam Badam
Corn Cobs Bhutta Solam
Sapota Chikoo Sapotta
Dates (Dried) Chhuara Percham pazham
Curd Dahi Thayir
Cinnamon Dalchini Pattai
Coriander Leaves Dhania Patta Kothamalli elai
Coriander seeds Dhaniya Dhaniya
Green Cardamom Elaichi (Chhoti) Elakkai
Clarified Butter Ghee Nei
Green Chilly Hari Mirch Pacha molagai
Asafetida Hing Perumkaayam
Turmeric Haldi Manjal podi
Poppy seeds Kuskus Kasa kasa
Tamarind Imli Puli
Nutmeg Jaiphal Jaathikai
Cumin Seed Jeera Jeerakam
Cashew Nut Kaju Mundhiri
Caraway Seeds Kala Jeera / Black Cumin Seeds Perun Jeerakam
Rock Salt Kala Namak Kal uppu
Black Pepper Kali Mirch Molagu
Curry Leaves Kari Patta Karuveppilai
Dried Whole Milk/Thickened Milk Khoya, Mawa Khova
Currants Kishmish Kaanja dhrakshai
Garlic Lasan / Lahsun Poondu
Clove Laung Kraambu
Cream Malai Edai
Butter Milk Mattha (Chhaach) Moar
Fenugreek Seeds Methi Vendhayam
Chilly Mirch Molagai
Groundnut Moong Fali Ver kadalai
Cottage Cheese Paneer Paneer
Cabbage Patta Gobi Gose
Mint Leaves Pudina Leaves Pudina
Mustard Seeds (Small) Raai / Raee Kadugu
Aniseed Saunf Sombu
Capsicum Shimla Mirch Koda molagai
Bay Leaf Tej Patta Brinji elai


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