August 25, 2008

A free hand at the Gita - Final update

In follow-up to my post from Aug 23. I have almost... almost completed the drawing project that I had undertaken last week.
Knowing me, there would always be some tweaks even at the last minute, but this is how it looks at the moment. The picture quality might not be that great.

This is from Day 1 (See drawing below)
I am thinking... maybe two more sittings and I will be done.
It has been years since I took a pencil to my hand to sketch something.
Free hand drawing or should I say "an attempt" at the Gita Upadesham which I am working on right now.

Sorry folks, no cooking for today :)

Tools used:

Plain poster paper
Sketching pencil
Color pencils

Day 1 Verdict: The color pencils are kind of difficult to work with, maybe because I have not used them before. It kind of turns out scratchy, and I am having a tough time blending it in.
Animals are very tough to draw free-hand for me. Yes... those are horses in the drawing!
Keep laughing!

Purva was kind enough to let me send my art to her Krishna and Ganesh Chaturthi event


  1. Wow, another side of you :) Ur art is very gorgeous, u ve lots of patience Div! Great job , keep it up!

  2. Thanks for visiting. You have a very good blog going here. All the best with your art work as well.

  3. What do you mean laugh? It's more like gaze open-mouthed in awe... beautifully done!

  4. Wow awesome you are very talented and creative....great job :)

  5. the painting looks beautiful Divya! you sure have a great art!

  6. RanganayakiAugust 25, 2008

    Beautiful one Divya!

  7. Wow this painting from Gita Updesh looks really good...
    You can send this picture for Krishna - Ganesh Chaturthi event. Check out the blog for details...However I ve organised this event for dishes...but such beautiful piece of art is always welcome..

  8. That's so nice! I always wished I had the talent to draw or paint.

  9. you are a great artist dear..loved this sketch :)

  10. Divya, The event is organised by me and it is combined celebration for Krishna Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi both. So I requested you to send this picture for the event. You can also send any dish or picture for Ganesh Chaturthi as well.
    So need to get depressed.

  11. Lovely painting your idea and painting...looks so gud..gud going

  12. Just checked the update - looks beautiful! Beautifully done.

  13. Divya, the painting is simply marvellous, frame-worthy! Pls do keep posting such art alongside ur food posts!

  14. Hi Divya.. I am sure ur blog is going places. I am awe struck by the art that u hav done by the use of simple colour pencils.. simply fantastic. You inspire me to try to do other things in my drawing too.. Keep doing this great work and inspiring all of us..

  15. beautiful ganapati.. :) <3 ur work divya! :)


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