August 22, 2008

Lentil Salad

Sadly, my knowledge of Lentils dont extend beyond the dhals/sambars/idlis/gravies, and seasonings that I normally use them in.
I have only heard about Lentil salad before but it never striked as something that I need to try out. Until when I was at the "Ekal Incredelicious" cooking competition and one of the entries was a Lentil salad. I have no idea how the original recipe was made, but how wrong can one go with salads as long as you keep the flavors in sync? And it turned out wonderful.
I have used a combination of vegetables that I know will taste well together. But if you care to be different, I would definitely like to hear from you.

The lentil I have used in this salad is a French green lentil, which holds its shape well when cooked and is perfect for salads adding a unique bite. As hard it maybe to overcook, do pay attention to package instructions.

Lentil Salad:


French Green lentils - 1.5 cups (cooked according to package instructions)

Finely chop the below:
Red onion - 1 medium
Tomato - 1 small
Green pepper (Capsicum) - 1 small
Carrots - 2 small
Green olives - About 10 halved

Mix all the above gently. It is best served at room temperature.

I am sending this recipe to the WYF:Colour in Food event
What better way to bring out colors than with raw food!
The colors my salad represent are: Dark green (from the lentils), Red (from the tomatoes), Orange(from the carrots), Purple(from the red onions), Green (from the bell peppers), and Olive&Red (from the olives and capers)


  1. wow, the lentil salad looks so colorful indeed! So healthy and full of nutrients!

  2. Oooh love lentil salads I make it regularly slightly different from this one though,this looks delicious:)

  3. Looks colourful and yum :-)

  4. Thanks for your comment Divya. I love sweets too :-) But, i dont have very many desserts posted in my blog yet. I am restricting myselt to prepare sweets only for occasions..have to see how long i have this self control :-) You have a nice blog, btw.

  5. oooh, lovely! I am forever thinking of different ways to make lentil ... this looks so quick and easy Divya!

  6. lentil salad looks lovely N colorful . good entry

  7. Wow looks yummy. Cool entry to the event.

  8. Looks delicious with color :) Never made a lentil salad healthy one!

  9. Thanks for this nutritious dish ..

  10. That is so healthy and looks delicious!

  11. This is an interesting recipe.... nutritious and colorful....


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