September 14, 2008

Oats dosai - Or just call 'em crispy crepes


This has become a staple breakfast for a long time now. No grinding, no prepping for the batter. No fussing around!
I am calling them crispy crepes because they are super-crispy and for readers who might not be familiar with dosais. But it is is our very own plain old dosais with lots of Oats to add to the health factor.
I was never a fan of oats as a breakfast. I could never bring myself to eat the bowl of gooey stuff. Nothing bad with it, but just not the way I liked it.

Have you ever thought about how girls with curly hair always want straight hair and vice versa? Poor analogy, but I am trying okay?
I was under that spell too, but only it was for oats... if it is sticky and wet, I wanted it crispy and flavorful. And here it is... just the way I promised it.

Oats dosai/crispy crepe


Quick oats - 2 cups
Whole wheat flour / Atta - 1/2 cup
Rice flour - 3 tbsp
Roasted sooji/rava - 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds - 1tbsp
Green chillies - 1 large (chopped finely)
Curry leaves - A sprig (chopped finely)
Salt - To taste
Water - As required
Oil - As required


Crush cumin seeds between palm of hands to release flavor.

Mix all the above ingredients with water to make it thinner than dosai batter consistency. A little thicker than whole milk consistency. Yes, that is how you get them crispy.

Heat a nonstick pan with a flat base on medium-high flame.

Pour the batter and spread it from outside to the center with a ladle as you would for a normal rava dosai.

Cook on both sides with a little oil. Serve hot with chutney/sambar etc.

Goes to Suganya's JFI – Oct ’08 – Whole Grains event
Aparna's WBB: "Grains in my Breakfast" event


  1. Ah! I love it already. will make it for today's dinner. :) Thanks!

  2. Yes, it looks so crispy. My husband's favorite is the ooey gooey oats porridge and anything healthy. So will try this out definitely.

  3. wow... nice dosa.. looks yummy & crispy... thxs for sharing..

  4. The dosa looks really crispy & yum! What a neat idea to add oats & extra nutrition to the dosas. Will try it sometime soon for sure. Thanka for a lovely idea :)

  5. healthy and yummy dosa divya

  6. Looks very crispy. I have`nt made with the spices, will have to try it. Very tempting indeed.

  7. I love oat porridge with little pickle :) The dosa is fantastic idea Div, i will try soon...

  8. Just this week I was thinking should try making dosai with oats and here you give me the recipe for it...thanks this looks really good...There is an award for you at my blog please check it out :)

  9. this looks yum,..liked the name too,..:-)

  10. Thats one healthy,instant dosa recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  11. nice healthy one..I have similar one posted in my blog long time back..

  12. Divya, the dosai looks great n quick too! Shall try n feedback u over the same! Tks for sharing ur recipe (my hub a oats fan for its properties!)

  13. Chilli for breakfast! Now that's a new one on me!
    There is something about the word "crispy" that is inherently enticing

  14. so mouth watering! yummy :-) i have never tried making this yet so i cant wait to cook this this weekend

  15. There is small treat for u at my blog :))

    Healthy and delicious dosa.

  16. wow... they look like rava dosa and for a second i double checked to make sure its oats dosa:) lovely...

  17. hi divya ,just saw your message in my blog about picture size , to increase the size ,go to blog template html and change the picsels of image ,hope this will help u

  18. I learn something new everyday - oats dosa - I am intrigued.Sounds good though!

  19. really healthy...looks yummy!

  20. its really a nice way to have oats.....

  21. What an unusual recipe, Divya, and I absolutely love the idea of using oats in a dosa. It looks delicious.

  22. Divya, we tried this dosa today for dinner and it came out so good. My mother is visiting us and I asked her to prepare it. It came out very well. My mother also liked it so much, she was telling that she is going to prepare this regularly when she goes back to India. I couldn't take pictures this time. But I won't miss it the next time. I'll mention it in my blog too.

  23. Divya
    I have moved to new blog and the link is
    Do visit and keep in touch.

    Thank you

  24. Oh! for a moment i thot it was rava dosa!
    Love the crispy part! must try!

  25. Hi Divya,

    how have you been? I make oats dosa too and love them :-) your's look nice and crisp.

    adding you to my blog list.

  26. Dosa looks crispy and yummy. I will try soon sometime.

  27. Thanks divya for the visit and for the comment. Yours look more crispier than mine. will try your version soon. BTW have added u in my blogroll

  28. Madhuram - I am soooo happy that you tried the oats dosai out, and you and your mom liked it. That is the greatest form of appreciation I can get.
    Usha - Thanks so much for the award :)
    The Caked Crusader - Yeah I know... chillies for breakfast. I must have freaked you out there.
    Sagari - Thanks for the tip about images.
    Ramya - Have added you to my "follow list". So I have your new blog down. Wont miss it.

    Thanks everyone for leaving comments and questions. Special thanks to those who have added me to their blogroll.

  29. THey look lovely, We love them too

  30. Atta girl!!! I love visiting you. You are full of wholesome ideas! Bring them on!

    We are the old fashioned oats people.I'll try it ;) as soon as I buy some quick oats when I go shopping today.

  31. Another great recipe and entry. I like oats, not the popular porridgy sweet version though.
    I'm definitely trying this.
    You have a great blog going here.

  32. Hi, tried this for breakfast today. Guess, I must've done something wrong 'cause it didn't come out crisp like the one in your post. But no probs...we love oats & my hubby loves dosa. All in all, we loved it! This is definitely going to feature much oftener at our home.

  33. Mini, about the crispiness of the Oats dosai... one thing, did you try making it like a regular dosai (spreading from center to outside) or like Rava dosai (from outside to the center).
    I recommend doing the latter.
    The batter should be really really thin, and you should be able to pour it into a thin layer "without" spreading. And it does take longer to crisp up than a normal dosai, I use two griddles to speed up the process. Hope it helps the next time you make it.

  34. hi,
    Can i use old fashioned oats for this..If yes then what is the extra step for that

  35. Vini - Yes you can use old fashioned oats as well, just run them through a food processor to break them into smaller bits. Then proceed with the recipe.
    They might still have a bite to it since they are not quick cooking, but it should work nevertheless.
    Good luck.


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