September 8, 2008

Home-made Mango pickle

This is the easiest recipe I could come up with for making Mango pickle. Yes, I try to make my own, and when it comes to mangoes, it has got to be home-made.
It is pretty challenging to find nice raw & ripe mangoes here, unlike in India where the varieties just overwhelm you.

Talking of mangoes and India, reminds me of this wonderful book "The mango season" by Amulya Malladi set in Hyderabad. It gives a beautiful insight into the Indian culture, food, and life. Priya, the protagonist of the story is secretly engaged to Nick, an American, and that her family back in India is not aware of.
Priya reluctantly returns home when she is 27, during the Mango season, to her traditional Brahmin family who are all hell-bent on getting her hooked up to a nice boy of their choice.
The story is about Priya, her fears, what she wants, and what her family wants for her. It is a beautifully written book, and is totally a page turner. If you like books, and different cultures, this is a novel you shouldn't miss.

Now, will get back to our recipe, shall we...

Home-made Mango pickle


Raw/Nearly raw Mango - 2 large
Chilly powder - 2 cups (yes, that is pretty hot, you may reduce it if you like)
Salt - 1/2 cup (Or) To taste
Light Olive oil - 1 to 1.5 cups (Use only "light" olive oil or use canola/veg oil)
Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp
Methi powder - 1/4 tsp
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tbsp


Slice and dice mangoes into very small pieces.

Heat oil, add asafoetida and the mustard seeds. Wait for the seeds to splutter and then turn off heat.

In another dry bowl, add cut mangoes, salt, turmeric, chilly powder.
Lastly add the methi powder. Mix well.

Allow the oil to cool down a bit & then pour the warm oil over the mangoes and mix again.

Allow to marinate overnight at room temperature. You may refrigerate it after that.

Note: I have given the salt and chilly powder measurements as I like to make it. Pls make adjustments if you like it less/more salty or hot. There is no set rules to make this pickle.

Use in small quantities as accompaniments for rice dishes, chappathis, rotis, dosais, or idlis.

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  1. Love mango pickle , looks fiery and good Div :)

  2. I love mango pickle - and this instant pickle is always a favorite.

  3. These are making my mouth water. really i have been wanting mango pickles for the past few days and i just feel like diving in here:-)

    thanks for stopping. being a newbie it feels great to have guests.

    lovely site but the best part of it was your painting. just amazing!!

  4. ooh! lovely :)
    i think you might have just inspired me :)

  5. nice one... my MIL will make mango pickle somewhat similar to this and its my hubby's fav.

  6. This is my fav of all mango pickles, the freshness of the mango come off perfectly.

  7. Looks lovely. I wish I could try some but we don't get mangoes here.

  8. Tempting and mouthwatering mango pickle:))This is my favorite one.....

  9. Wow awesome homemade mango pickle, you surprised me and there is a surprise for you at my blog please check it out:)

  10. heyyy i often made this,still my version is different,i make it as a's a semisolid one..but i have to try this one...but i am well stocked up now with amma's home made indian mango pickles.

  11. Lovely color and makes my mouth watery. This is my favorite one.

  12. Hi Divya,
    Is this pickle called "Mukka aavakaya" in telugu.

    Can we make pickle with half ripe mangoes too? because in your pictures the mangoes looked little yellow inside.

  13. made it with 2 cups of red chilli powder??? I make this pickle the same way, but with much, much less chilli pwd.

  14. I am a total pickle lover and yours looks scrumptious. Yes, you are absolutely right, nothing like homemade pickles.

    Thanks so much for participating in the event.

  15. never used olive oil, even light one in making pickles. i feel it simply overpowers the indian spices. but yeah, its lot more healthier than other oil.
    that pickle pic is simply gorgeous.

  16. such a wonderful color.. just love all kinds of pickle.

  17. hey divya, thanks for dropping by at my blog. You've a very elegant blog.
    mmm ..those tangy mangoes and the chutney look yummy.

  18. Looks gorgeous! Give me some thayir saadham with this and I'm set for a week :)

  19. Answers to queries above:

    Sia - I was a little hesitant to use Light olive oil at first too, I normally use canola or vegetable variety, but trust me I could'nt taste the oil at all. Infact, we liked it more than the usual. Try it out in a small quantity if I have convinced you.

    Jayashree - LOL, I actually put in more than 2 cups, I did not want to freak the readers out, so kind of mellowed it down to 2 cups ;) But I like them real hot.
    Make sure to make adjustments according to your taste :)

    Anu - I did make them with slightly ripe (leaning more towards raw) mangoes. It tastes little different but real good.

    A_and_N - Love thayir saadam and mangai oorgai. Nothing feels like home more than that, is'nt it?

    Soma - Welcome to food blogging, you said you were a newbie... hoping to see a lot of posts from you. Will keep checking back.

    I hope I have answered all your questions... if I have not ping me back.
    Thanks to the rest of you all for writing to me.

  20. Love your pickles.The color is mouthwatering.

  21. This kind of pickle is my favourite..rather than those bigger piece ones..i forgot hows its called..just perfect with rice and curd!!

  22. waaw i lov mango pickles... looks very nice... Hey btw you are very pretty anu.... happy blogging

  23. I made this pickle based on your recipe and it turned out to be yummy!! Thanks for the post.

  24. I made this pickle based on you recipe and it turned out yummy...Thanks for the post!!


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