September 10, 2008

Sugar Art, More Art & Awards

Firstly, thanks Usha yet again for passing on a new award to me... it goes pronto to my sidebar!

Talking about sugar art...
Who cant help falling in love with those delicate flares of glowing orange made entirely with sugar?
This is an inspiration from those pastry chefs creating beautiful desserts and decorating them with sugar art pieces. Of course, this is my first try and it is not perfect, but hey... who says art is perfect?

Sugar Art


White Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 1/4 cup
Hardware - Candy thermometer, silpat/parchment paper


Mix water and sugar in a non-stick or heavy bottomed pan and fit it with a candy thermometer. Boil it on medium-high heat upto the soft ball stage.

Try not to mix it too often, this will prevent the sugar from getting to where it(the consistency) ought to be.

Turn down the heat to medium, and let the sugar reach to hard-ball and at this stage never leave the stove unattended. It turns to caramel very quickly and even the slightest burning can make the sugar bitter.

When it reaches a little above hard crack stage, the liquid should still be golden brown. Dark brown means you could throw out the sugar liquid and try again. That is how careful you got to be.

Spray a parchment paper with oil spray/use a silpat. Take a small spoon, dip it in the sugar syrup and drizzle back and forth into desired shapes.

Remember this does not have to be perfect.

Allow to cool and peel it off the parchment. Use it on cakes, mousse, or any desserts and make your dessert look priceless.

It may not be that obvious, but you can see the use of it in plating one of my desserts: Almond Puri

Now, coming to my art project this week. I don't have the source of this drawing, but you can see what I have attempted.

Time for some award give aways... I have been hoarding on to my awards for a long time now... now I am very happy to give the following to...

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  1. Congratulations on all of your well deserved awards.....thanks for passing on the perfect blend of friendship to me,it means a lot to me:)

    How very artistic to be able to make sugar syrup into such beautiful shapes...the color is so pretty too:)

  2. Gosh, Divya, that sugar art is exquisitely beautiful. And to think it is made with just two simple ingredients. Love the art project too!
    Thanks for passing on the beautiful site award to me. I am so very honored and touched.

  3. Sugar art is simply superb..and lovely painting...

  4. sugarart isnew forme,..andsuch anicepainting i amimpressed...:-)congrats fro allthe well deserved awards,..

  5. Gal, ur art work is simply beautiful :) Keep it up ! Congrats on ur awrds and thanks to share with me.

  6. Divya u have a real good creative talent.....hats off...

  7. Congrats on all your awards!

    You are a creative genious:)

  8. Sugar art is new for me...Looks Splendid and awesome.Beautiful painting too.Congrats on all ur awards.....

  9. That is great art indeed.And congrats on ur awards..

  10. Wow, kudos Divya! Love your art work. Splendid.

    Congrats on all those awards and thank you for mine.

  11. Congratulations on all your awards, and thanks for passing one along to me :) The sugar art is really nice! I think you have a new layout??? I like it :)

  12. Divya talk about vibrant colors in mine. yours surpasses mine far more!! these are exquisite pieces of art i have seen in tv, never thot of making one myself...

    are u supposed to eat them? if i made them i could never eat them, they would be up for decoration in my favorite place.

    u are an artist.

  13. Hey i have seen it on foodnetwork,wonder how they are making,and you are making it too,It's looks great.And the pic is great too

  14. sugarart is simply wonderful...lovely post!!
    congrats on your award...and thanks for passing it to me..

  15. sugar art and the sketch are pretty pieces..congrats on all those well-deserved awards.

  16. Looks nice. congrats on your award.

  17. Sugar art looks wonderful. Very good Art. Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it to me.

  18. Wow..this is your 1st attempt..I couldn't believe it, its beautiful and so the drawing..wonderful. Gud piece of work dear. Congrats on you awards

  19. Congrats for the awards..:)!!!
    Sugar art is too good!!
    the sketch, which you claim to have 'attempted' is too good!!
    Keep up the great work and do share when you attempt more...

  20. Wow Congratulations on awards. U deserve them dear. Mango pickle looks mouth watering. Sugar art is awesome.

  21. firstly congrats for the awards.,n awesome sugar work...n amm ka making my mouth water...its lovely

  22. great art thr! luved the clor and congrats on ur awards :)

  23. I always get mesmirised by the sugar art - esp the ones from the food network challenge..its amazing. Yours are on the way there :)

  24. Sugar art looks wonderful. Very good Art. congrats on your award.

  25. Love the sugar art! I have a candy thermometer - this would be a great project for my daughter to do during the Oct school holidays. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Hi Divya

    I am new to your blog and I have to say you have some interesting recipes that I would like to try soon. I will definately be visiting often!

  27. loved the artwork divya .. looks superb N a big congrats on the awards

  28. Congrates Divya on all ur awards. And pics looks very attarctive. good one :).

  29. I think your sugar art is very creative and no, art is not about perfection but speaks to the soul.

    Your sketch is a good example of that.

  30. Sugar art looks mind blowing.....and even the painting...
    Congrats on all well deserved awards...
    Thank you for sharing it with me


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